During WWII Denmark had to keep their windows dark at night as the Nazis didn’t want the British planes to use the lights as navigation.

In my last blog I was writing about teaching music to children. As I’m slowly getting ready to teach another semester at Berklee College of Music, entering my 13th year teaching at the college, I’ll here share some of my thoughts on teaching in general.

When I started out teaching music, it was on drum set, and mostly to kids around 10-12 years old. It was a mix of solo to small group lessons. At the time I was studying at the conservatory, getting a bachelor in Music Education. From the beginning I found it fascinating how you’d have to make changes in your deliverance of the material on the spot because two students had two completely different learning styles. Not just what you’d say to the students but also how.

Fast forward to my beginning at Berklee as a teacher. I remember being really nervous about starting to teach at the college, for various reasons:

When I started teaching drum set at several music schools back home in Denmark, I was mostly working with children between the ages of 11-14 years, and mostly boys!

From the beginning I always demanded that they’d have at least a small amount of homework. I would challenge them

Looking at my blog here, I see that it has been a while since my last entry. So many things I’m thinking I could write about, my friends would say I definitely have opinions about various topics, so it’s not for lack of ideas.

In my first blog, I started out writing about being Danish. One of the essential things about being from Denmark, is the thing we do all the time – “hygge”. It always takes a while to explain what that is, since there’s not a single word in English to describe this

What’s the difference between a Xylophone, a Marimba and a Vibraphone (aka. Vibes)?!




In an earlier blog I wrote this summer has been all about cleaning out in my many emails, and in general getting my cyber life organized! Going through some of the material, I stumbled upon this fun little bundle of history facts, and why it is we’re saying and doing some of the things we do today. If you’re like me, someone who loves knowing where all those quirky traditions and sayings are coming from, - then you’ll enjoy this!

The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500's:


I was recently in Washington DC, and am standing in the foot steps of MLK - where he gave his famous speech...

This summer, besides keeping the music going, I have been to de-cluttering my emails. Why? For way too long I have been filing emails into various folders, thinking I soon would go through them all. These emails are all about the music business and how in one-way or another to better promote my music. So what have I been doing?!

Besides deleting a bunch of emails (this time actually reading the content), I have been getting organized. How? Well, if you’re reading this – this is one of my many projects – blogging! Below is the list of websites I’m on:

I am Danish!

I’m from Denmark, a little country in Northern Europe, also known as part of Scandinavian (Denmark, Sweden, Norway). The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen (we say “København”) – so no, we’re not the capital of Sweden!

We also speak Danish (not Dutch – that’s in Holland!), and we really like us some Danish pastry. Now, I live in Boston in the U.S. of A., where you can buy “Danish”. When I first came to Boston to study music, I once bought that thing called a “Danish”, because I missed home and felt homesick. Wow, 

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