As a teacher it is always a thrill to see one of your students grow into a full-fledged artist with a musical life of their own and their own perspective to share with the world.  I first met Winnie Dahlgren when she came to Berklee from Denmark as a student over a decade ago. I was immediately impressed with her talent and her willingness to dedicate herself to everything she takes on.  These days, Winnie is a successful teacher herself, carries on her musical outreach project in Africa, and has produced a CD featuring all her own compositions.  There's very enjoyable listening here from very enthusiastic players. She is a welcome addition to the jazz world and Winnie Dahlgren is a name you're going to be hearing more of."   ” - Gary Burton
During my recent Artist-in-Residence stay at the Berklee College of Music I had the pleasure of encountering a most unusual talent. Sometimes a work will jump out of the pack and stay with you as a memory and as a point of reference. In teaching at the school, I have often found myself asking a student to pull a "Winnie". She has a very strong gift, and equally strong determination to improve and succeed and she has become one of the few people I would consider as a private student. A most unusual talent.” - Bob Brookmeyer
Good music, great sound. Winnie always takes care of business when it comes to playing her music". ” - George Garzone
Surrounded by great musicians on her debut album Till We Meet Again, Danish vibist Winnie Dahlgren successfully created a macrocosm of rich musical diversity. This makes for a musically delightful album.” - Phil Wilson

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